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Created 4-Sep-12
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A few dusty graphics from the original website.
Our good pal Ken is known for giving other gentle guidance at the Lane.The next big surf movie is a hit with old carps in the lot.A mind is a terrible thing to waste with Photoshop.Our buddy George has been known to have an opinion about kayaks and surfing.  He was a good sport when he learned that we launched a kayak surf school in his honor.Sadly, this isn’t much of an exaggeration in Pacifica these days.  Our pal Marty is known to drop in on his friends now and then, so the worst feature of this photos is four “Martys” converging on theMark is arguably the best surf forecaster in the country; he's also an accomplished big wave surfer and a Mavs regular.  Of course, that made him a perfect target for a little ribbing.We couldn't help ourselves.We grew a little weary of world travelers living off the land.Just poking fun at an institution.Interesting concept, don't you agree?Another friend (i.e., victim) from Santa Cruz.  You'll see Pete at the Lane sponging the big days and holding his own.   Just another really nice guy who deserves a statue somewhere.

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