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Photo © Seth Migdail, used with permission.

My name is Bruce Topp and NorcalSurfPhotos is my site. Back in 2002 I started as a venue for sharing surfing stories, jokes and a few photos from northern California. After a few thousand images, the site evolved into its present form. Beyond having fun and meeting a lot of cool people, my goal is to serve the local surfing community with high resolution photos at a reasonable price.

Photographing big waves in northern California is a frustrating enterprise. Before surfing, you check the buoys, tide and wind. For photos, add lighting conditions and ambient weather. Inevitably, the big days are poorly lit and shrouded in mist or fog. And shooting from the beach with a 600mm lens makes it even more challenging. So many of the photos on this site are not museum quality (to say the least). But if one of those imperfect photos is of you, I think it makes sense to post the shot and let you decide.

Now, if you'll forgive me, the legal disclaimer: These images are offered for purchase by the surfer in the photo (or as a gift to the person). They may not be used for resale, advertising or commercial distribution without permission of the photographer and the surfer. If you purchase a photo of yourself, feel free to use it in personal projects, blogs, Facebook pages, etc. Thanks for respecting these conditions- they are for your protection and ours.